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"Chelsea did an amazing job! I cried when I saw the first shot from my mini session, Chelsea captured the bond between my boys in a picture that makes me cry (happy tears of course), and every other pic was beautiful as well. I've received so many compliments, I can't wait to book my next session!!"

—Brandi Woodworth

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It's one of the most important aspects of what makes an image beautiful, The most amazing lighting is right before the sun sets, calling it the Golden Hour. It's so soft and dreamy leaving a subtle cast of golden rays on the subject. Here are two images, the very same day but two different times. Both of these images are raw images, straight out of the camera, not altered in any way. The intent is to show my clients why lighting is so important. As you can see here on the top image, the mid day sunlight leaves us with harsh- white light on the subject and very dark shadows. The bottom image lighting is more ideal for photographs.

6:00pm in late April. The sun doesn't set until after 8:00pm now so it can be hard to schedule sessions that late, especially with little ones. I totally get it! So that's why we try to find some shade!

6:00pm Late April.

The sun was bright but we were able to find some shade and the images came out beautifully!

7:30pm summer time. The sun was still high but the lighting was more subtle than mid day sun.

8:00pmSummer time. We waited to take this image at the end of the session because they wanted the beautiful view behind them but at the beginning the sun was just too bright. At the end it turned into that subtle soft glow.

8:30-ish pm Mid May. My most favorite time to do a session. Just before the is setting...the glow of the sun lit everything up so subtly.